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Bike Race Level by DoubleSSRaceZ: eqyxpx
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created by : DoubleSSRaceZ on 2016-08-03

Had some time this morning so i made a cool little level. It has a mediumish hard sc and cool finish.

FireWalls Aug-03-2016 05:19

4.45 editor for now we can all see the SC.

DoubleSSRaceZ Aug-03-2016 05:39

Ok I'm going to do a mod.

Zetoq Aug-03-2016 06:00

4.0 acro, it was ok a few lining and inverting issues

DoubleSSRaceZ Aug-03-2016 06:07

Thanks Z! Yeah I know I have to work on my inverting also with my line count management.

DoubleSSRaceZ Aug-03-2016 06:15

Also theres two sc's #1 taking the ramp to G11 then riding it to the finish. Then theres #2 riding the ramp until your front tire is off the ramp and brake flicking to the right then catching the front tire on i12 and push off of it with your front tire.

Dance12 Aug-03-2016 07:13

4.03 editor, noobs :-D

DoubleSSRaceZ Aug-03-2016 08:13

7:75 doing the hard sc.

DAKING Aug-04-2016 07:55

I tried taking the shortcut with agile soul! It worked out quite nicely!

FireWalls Aug-04-2016 11:39

@DAKING what's your time?

Average Rating: 5.00

MarkA has 12 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.