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Bike Race Level by Zetoq: etq245
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created by : Zetoq on 2016-06-23


Zetoq Jun-23-2016 12:23

Also, the reason why I'm back is because I have a bit of time before I get really busy for a while again.

THANKSandPRAISE Jun-23-2016 01:44

I 💖 it!! First best time is 8.6346 sec. with Cheetah, because the back-swing (?!) is just Bandida suicide 😁. Thanks and praise that you're back and dropped this full-speed favorite 🤗!!

Zetoq Jun-23-2016 05:03

Thank you THANKSandPRAISE!

Zetoq Jun-23-2016 05:06

I'm at 9.15 acro, not sure if that's good or not

ahmadmob Jun-23-2016 06:18

I am at 9.29 acro, lost many sub 9. That end bounce is annoying because the bouncing ball is too small

Zetoq Jun-25-2016 01:33

That's the point

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