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Bike Race Level by AndZapTheRacers: f2o2si
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created by : AndZapTheRacers on 2019-08-07

I hope you like this level! Comment best times. Mine is 27.30. Took me FoReVeR to make. Hope you like it! Wrong screenshot

DoubleSSRaceZ Aug-07-2019 12:24


MaxIsHere1227 Aug-08-2019 05:23


FortnitePro Aug-12-2019 10:09

21.33 normal, fun level, could be improvable, sub 21 probs possible

FortnitePro Aug-12-2019 10:15

20.73 normal

TwinsRRUs Aug-13-2019 08:31

20.69 Agile

FortnitePro Aug-15-2019 11:52

twins, btw, agile can be better cuz i got 20.66 normal

FortnitePro Aug-16-2019 07:17

18.82 agile

TwinsRRUs Aug-17-2019 05:17

I couldn't get into the level much and didn't end up trying more than a few minutes. Very poor time on my part for Agile!

Average Rating: 4.00

MarkA has 53 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.