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Bike Race Level by pole: f3nl06
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created by : pole on 2018-11-21

My best level this week.

GreatGaming Nov-21-2018 02:00

The part about this level that I really love is this code: br89dl. To be honest, that is really insane. You can upload it if you want.

Zetoq Nov-25-2018 01:32

Don't upload other people's levels please! It's against the imaginary rules.

MarkA Nov-26-2018 07:37

They are not imaginary.

MarkA Nov-26-2018 07:45

21.38 Acro

Zetoq Nov-26-2018 06:59

I dont see a rule that says uploading another's level is not allowed only that if an individual has modded a level then to state "Mod of:"

Zetoq Nov-26-2018 07:00

Also, Pole: I suggest that you watch the "How to Make a Level" video on the top bar on this site. It would supply some useful tips for your next level even though the video was made in 2014.

MarkA Nov-27-2018 04:59

Are you familiar with the restaurant In-N-out? They have a secret menu just like us...😂😂. I'll let you know when you break a rule... LMAO

pole Nov-28-2018 07:51

the track I made myself. I didn't copy it, unless your getting the wrong track.

Zetoq Nov-28-2018 06:07

Well that's mildly scary Mark 👾

GreatGaming Nov-30-2018 06:52

@Mark A :D :D

Average Rating: 5.50

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.