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Bike Race Level by ImmortalSwift: fbhe5o
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created by : ImmortalSwift on 2014-10-11

"Mod - ABG UCL Competition R5" Sorry but the original kinda stinked… Original: s5f89c

ImmortalSwift Oct-11-2014 03:47

Wow, from that screenshot it looks really weird. Just, play before you rate please. You will see the difference between the screenshot and the actual level. lol

IK Oct-11-2014 04:11

Very nice level. 8

AHeckman2 Oct-11-2014 07:22

Bit long for me, and not really my type, but it looks good so I'll give it a decent rating :)

MarkA Oct-12-2014 02:20

20.12 Acro and if it didn't lag I could easily get umder 20...that was my goal but obviously didn't make it. Not a bad level...kind of a bunch of stuff thrown together.

aquarius7373 Oct-12-2014 06:01

19.41 editor

Average Rating: 8.00

IK 8

MarkA has 88 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.