Custom Bike Race Level : fwr883

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Bike Race Level by aquarius7373: fwr883
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created by : aquarius7373 on 2014-01-27

Here's to Swax being back. Careful use of the brake will save you time.

swax97 Jan-28-2014 03:33

Found the shortcut, but I still can't beat it.

sebasgamer Jan-28-2014 06:11

a beam power is how to do that

aquarius7373 Jan-28-2014 11:26

A beam power?

swax97 Jan-28-2014 04:55

My shortcut is to catch the "sticky ceiling" with the front wheel, flip on top and drive on top of the level

Average Rating: 6.50

MarkA has 91 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.