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Bike Race Level by Zetoq: ggkag1
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created by : Zetoq on 2016-09-15


Dance12 Sep-15-2016 02:03

Dunno, was okay.

Zetoq Sep-15-2016 02:27

I think I'm pretty far beyond done with BR, never play anymore, quite frankly I don't even have the app anymore, I'll hop on every once in a while to see how everything's going tho...

FireWalls Sep-15-2016 02:29

7.47 editor can't decide whether to rate it a 7 or an 8.

BikeRaceWar Sep-15-2016 02:46

i just play about once a week on br app nowadays. im kind of done with br too

FireWalls Sep-15-2016 02:54

can i tell them why BikeRaceWar?

BikeRaceWar Sep-15-2016 03:25

braking my arm stopped me from playing br for almost 2 weeks but other then that i have too much homework and my br mp lags alot whenever i play

Average Rating: 7.33

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.