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Bike Race Level by TomC: gisthy
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created by : TomC on 2019-01-14

Just simple and clean. Not really a SC. Just hit them right!

GreatGaming Jan-17-2019 04:44

13.41 normal the easy way.

GreatGaming Jan-17-2019 04:55

10.96 Normal with SC.

FortnitePro Jan-17-2019 05:19

@GreatGaming may i play u bro?

GreatGaming Jan-18-2019 12:44

Follow me on FB and we will play. "SleepDeepGaming"

FortnitePro Jan-18-2019 05:12

@GreatGaming I sent u a friend, is ur pfp red?

FortnitePro Jan-20-2019 09:20

Is it?

Average Rating: 7.33

MarkA has 75 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.