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Bike Race Level by dance: gl6zfr
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created by : dance on 2014-04-20

Tried to make this as noob-friendly as possible.

dance Apr-20-2014 06:45

11.4 acro

Bazinga! Apr-20-2014 09:42

10.20 acro i'll rate this a 1 because this is crap

NiklasB Apr-20-2014 10:43

Shut up retard, everyone here knows ur an imposter

dance Apr-20-2014 10:50

I know the real Igor wouldn't like this but he definitely wouldn't rate this with a 1. And I know this is not crap. Maybe not the best track but nit a 1

dance Apr-20-2014 10:51


Bazinga! Apr-20-2014 11:36

Shut up Niklas

Bazinga! Apr-20-2014 12:22

def not crap, def not a 1, has minor flaws which are rather hard to correct. Id give it a 4.5 or so, was fun, drove a 10.9

dance Apr-20-2014 12:24

Thnx :)

MarkA Apr-20-2014 01:06

11.54 Acro. Better than I thought it would have been.

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 64 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.