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Bike Race Level by swax97: gwr7sp
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created by : swax97 on 2019-09-28

Screenshot machine broke

FortnitePro Sep-28-2019 08:18

10.351 acro, look at video at top to learn how to build a level and invert

swax97 Sep-28-2019 08:45

lol invert what

swax97 Sep-28-2019 08:48

9.97 acro

MaxIsHere1227 Sep-29-2019 07:27

Cool level swax it’s very fun to play, especially with all the routes at the end. I got 10.06 acro

Zetoq Sep-29-2019 02:08

@FortnitePro Swax has been uploading levels since 2013.

FortnitePro Sep-29-2019 02:37

yeah, just noticed, didn't seem inverted tho

MarkA Sep-29-2019 06:50

Holy crap that is funny swax got directed to the how to make a level video...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Things changed after you left though. The lines should be inverted the correct way as to have the bike ride on the right side of the line. We didn't have a care or clue back in the day.

JasonUlrich Sep-30-2019 12:39

Great lvl. 9.45 with normal bike.

FortnitePro Sep-30-2019 06:14

yea mark, im just saying it didnt seem inverted to me and guesin it wasnt, never noticed he made lvls since 2013

MarkA Sep-30-2019 08:39

9.79 Acro with room for improvement. Fun little level. It seemed to inverted correct to me.

Average Rating: 8.50

MarkA has 6 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.