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Bike Race Level by TwinsRRUs: gyj9ii
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created by : TwinsRRUs on 2014-10-09

Post Acro and Ultra times

boooyah Oct-09-2014 09:41

Dont know but how is 11.44 ? Have i missed something or is it good ?

Danny N Oct-10-2014 03:25

I really liked the level and especially the start, got 11:0 acro can be done in like 10:8

boooyah Oct-10-2014 05:26

Yes because i have 10.76 now :) didnt see that line at the end at first lol

TwinsRRUs Oct-10-2014 05:31

Wow. I am having a hard time to reach he 11's! 7.57 Ultra though.

AHeckman2 Oct-10-2014 06:54

Awesome track! Will definitely try with ultra and acro when I get home :)

josh Oct-10-2014 07:02

6.5 ultra, 11.1 acro

TwinsRRUs Oct-10-2014 10:46

6.5?!? I think I must be missing something on Acro to save over a second off my time, but I made the huge first jump with Ultra and then the good second jump to hit the floating line to go to the finish. How you shaved a second off that is beyond me. I will have to play more after work.

aquarius7373 Oct-10-2014 01:48

I don't have a holographic charizard, but hopefully I can still play with the big boys. 10.72 editor

MarkA Oct-10-2014 07:27

11.99 Acro and I have no idea how you guys are going. That start was terrible with that little line.

TwinsRRUs Oct-10-2014 07:30

Wrong Mark. The start is very easy :p But yeah, I have no idea how they are getting around 11. I am definitely missing something! Did you try Ultra Mark?

aquarius7373 Oct-11-2014 07:40

TwinsRRUs Oct-11-2014 04:56

WTH, that is the route I am taking and ... wow. Maybe you guys do the beginning faster or something, but I can't touch those times with that path! Good times guys!

Average Rating: 8.25

MarkA has 88 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.