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Bike Race Level by FireWalls: gzimu3
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created by : FireWalls on 2018-02-17


FireWalls Feb-17-2018 11:48

It also has the best shortcut for agile soul. The best time i got for agile soul on this level is 10.45.

FireWalls Feb-17-2018 12:09

now 7.94 for ultra

danmekis Feb-18-2018 12:35

15.08 second try with Agile soul. I’ll try to beat your 10:45 next

danmekis Feb-18-2018 12:43


FireWalls Feb-18-2018 02:42

It takes some practice in order to beat my time :)

danmekis Feb-18-2018 04:41

Have you noticed that our times don’t show as saved on the created levels? Also, on the app, I’ve noticed all of the lines are inverted. At first I thought it was just that I forgot to check, but it looks like even the Multiplayer tracks are for me. Weird

BikeRaceWar Feb-18-2018 04:56

Been a while, how life?

FireWalls Feb-19-2018 06:47

@BikeRaceWar Good how is yours?

FireWalls Feb-19-2018 06:48

@danmekis yeah. weird

BikeRaceWar Feb-25-2018 01:45

Good. R u gonna start making levels again?

FireWalls Feb-27-2018 01:34


Average Rating: 8.00

MarkA has 91 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.