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Bike Race Level by simon: hbas9u
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created by : simon on 2014-10-07

it is long but in my opinion fun my editor time is not really good sorry :'( but please play it and find the fastet way !!!

AHeckman2 Oct-07-2014 10:44

21.6 first and only acro finish

marki13 Oct-07-2014 12:54

14.30 editor

MarkA Oct-07-2014 01:10

Where to start.... I was looking forward to playing this after I saw it. I was quickly disappointed :( I wish it had lined up. There are so many ways to save time I would have liked trying more on the regular way but couldn't stand it. I do like the way I went 12.88 acro and Its too bad for the rest of tje level. Good idea , looked great but alas wasn't. Keep trying this had a lot of potential.

AHeckman2 Oct-07-2014 01:14

Scratch mine, didn't even see that SC marki, 13.9 acro now

AHeckman2 Oct-07-2014 01:15

Geez, I can't have the fastest time ever it seems like, lol

MarkA Oct-07-2014 01:20

Hahaha now you know how I feel. It will get easier with time :)

AHeckman2 Oct-07-2014 01:41

haha :)

simon Oct-08-2014 05:48

How did you get that time i don t know it too ?

MarkA Oct-08-2014 06:17

I dropped down backwards then go up and flick to the line to the right then skip the loop go in the big loop on the top right. Then land on the two loop and stop on the left one and drive that ramp in between them and jump up and over the big loop on the right. I hope you understood that.

simon Oct-08-2014 09:39

Yes i didn t see that way :)

Average Rating: 6.00

MarkA has 88 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.