Custom Bike Race Level : i8p3ye

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Bike Race Level by aquarius7373: i8p3ye
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created by : aquarius7373 on 2013-08-23

I wasn't sure where this one was going. Strange mix.

MarkA Aug-23-2013 01:17

10.56 any good?

GhostPower Aug-23-2013 02:11

9.4 ghost

aquarius7373 Aug-23-2013 04:56

I have 10.1 ghost, so, yea. I didn't play this one as much as the others though. 9.4 sounds better, but I'm sure under 9 is possible. Two ways to go just at the end, one way slightly faster

aquarius7373 Aug-23-2013 04:58

.....9.4 is pretty good

GhostPower Aug-24-2013 06:58


Average Rating: 8.00

MarkA has 88 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.