Custom Bike Race Level : i9v8wn

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Bike Race Level by JuliusF: i9v8wn
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created by : JuliusF on 2014-10-11

ImmortalSwift Oct-11-2014 09:59

The little spot right above your head is a little messy but that doesn't change any gameplay of the level so its 7 stars here

ImmortalSwift Oct-11-2014 10:00

And I see you like my start inspired by mike's start lol... Though there has to be a way to patch that sc and still have the level be fun...

JuliusF Oct-11-2014 11:00

Times? Im at 9.4 acro

ahmadmob Oct-11-2014 04:31

9.47 Acro. There's a huge SC in this lvl and it's possible, bellow 9 is possible with it but I couldn't make it although I was too close.

JuliusF Oct-12-2014 12:57

I know what you mean, its really hard ;)

MarkA Oct-12-2014 01:53

9.99 Acro and I am satisfied with my time. The damn bike is under the line and annoys the start and first cut. A couple other flaws but I liked it.

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 88 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.