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Bike Race Level by Imfurp: iplned
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created by : Imfurp on 2019-01-09

One of the two levels used for the finals of the EveryBuddy Tournament. I personally think this is the best level I've made so far.

Zetoq Jan-09-2019 07:30

Is 12.05 agile good enough for you? Good level, but it seems that all of your shortcuts have the same basis. Wished some things lined up better too.

Imfurp Jan-09-2019 10:10

@Zetoq can you explain what you mean by 'the same basis'? Can you also tell me which things in this level don't line up that well?

Zetoq Jan-10-2019 04:08

Take kmjjiz for example, it's a flick from one ramp to another going under a loop, or for the agile shortcut is very similar in style to c0v1iy and u6s1pi. As for the things that dont line up, the angled line going up into the oval, and the ramp going up into the loop, as well as the second oval can be clunky. And that middle loop can sometimes be buggy with the way you made the transition with the bottom right hand side being higher than the ramp leading into it.

Imfurp Jan-10-2019 08:57

In kmjjiz, you're not supposed to go under the loop. That's slower (not for turbo ghost bikes though, but they have to jump directly to that point). I personally don't think the sc's in those levels look alike, but it could be that they look similair to others, because I kinda wanted to make levels in a style that looks like Timo's for the tournament.

Imfurp Jan-10-2019 08:59

I put the angled line there on purpose, because I thought it would be benificial with acro (I can't tell you a lot about the level yet, becuase the tournament is still ongoing).

Imfurp Jan-10-2019 09:01

I didn't really think it was neccessary to make the second oval perfectly clean, because imo that route (going in the loop) isn't that important. I don't really know what you mean with your last sentence, but there is a bump in the middle of the level that could be buggy, but I tried my best to make it as less buggy as possible

Imfurp Jan-10-2019 09:02

I appreciate that you explained your thoughts btw

Zetoq Jan-10-2019 09:28

I just dont think that sacrificing the normal route is the answer for the shortcut or just an alternate route. Also, I didnt say that kmjjiz was the shortcut, I was just commenting on the path. And yes I realize that I said shortcuts specifically but I just meant routes.

Zetoq Jan-10-2019 09:32

Also, just to clarify, I didnt take away from the rating based off of the similarities (I see anyway, maybe I'm just wrong). I just think that with some tweaks it could be a 10/10 fairly easily.

FortnitePro Jan-14-2019 02:58

@Imfurp is that u Judah Lit?

Imfurp Jan-14-2019 06:58

@FortnitePro yes.

FortnitePro Jan-18-2019 05:36

@Imfurp this is zach

Average Rating: 8.67

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