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Bike Race Level by FireWalls: j4u9td
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created by : FireWalls on 2018-08-15

Granny Level 2: He also is good at making it tricky. He goes super slow during this time period so he doesn't get caught. (continued in comments)

FireWalls Aug-15-2018 03:18

He tries to go super slow to get out of the bank he robbed. He used all his money nowadays to buy a Lamburgini. He is going to use it all up just go to more banks so he could rob more. But he has to be careful cause if he makes a single mistake, he will be caught.

FireWalls Aug-15-2018 03:19

(This time it is a better level and challenging.) [Key is that there is one place you will have to slow down just a bit.]

FireWalls Aug-15-2018 03:46

Time to beat: 13.8 normal, 13.6 arco, 11.75 ghost, 8.97 ultra

TomC Aug-16-2018 06:16

SpOoPy CoMmEnT oOoUuUu

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