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Bike Race Level by Aqua: jszol2
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created by : Aqua on 2018-04-05

Don't rage at the SC, Rage at yourself

ySoSeaSalty Apr-05-2018 05:12

Man, BRL has changed no1 comments anymore xD. Or no1 is just online

OllieH11 Apr-06-2018 10:27

12.67 agile soul

timootje4nov Apr-06-2018 09:59


ySoSeaSalty Apr-07-2018 06:45

Yes. BRL is so empty these days

ySoSeaSalty Apr-07-2018 06:46

This account is my alt

timootje4nov Apr-07-2018 07:09

I figured. About BRL, yes it’s kind of dead since the wrong screenshot bug. There are still some people like me who visit this site daily. Do you have facebook? We’ve got an active group with lots of people to talk about, play, and create ucl’s. Would like to see you joining it.

Aqua Apr-07-2018 09:26

Yeah ill probably make a account for facebook with my gaming email. Im only 13 xD. But sure ill let u know when im ready to join in a few days

Average Rating: 8.00

MarkA has 93 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.