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Bike Race Level by Zetoq: k379jd
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created by : Zetoq on 2016-01-19

Got a bit carried away, there is a shortcut in this mess though.

BRLawa Jan-19-2016 02:56

Woah, 588 boards in decor is a little overboard... lol.

noobandimsorry Jan-19-2016 03:42


TwinsRRUs Jan-19-2016 03:50

Circles take up way too many lines... especially when they are all for decoration. I'm surprised it didn't lag.

Zetoq Jan-19-2016 03:56

A 6 for the level or the decor xD and I told you, I got a bit carried away

warren king Jan-19-2016 04:49

11.5 acro atm levels not bad mate

MarkA Jan-19-2016 04:56

Probably because It lines up terribly. 13.60 after a few tries. I am sure there is sc at Q12 but I didn't make it.

Zetoq Jan-19-2016 05:01

Mark, with acro it lines up worth nothing, editor it works very well

NoBalls Jan-19-2016 06:33

how do u guys even build levels XD I always go back and forth between editor and smartphone a dozen of times until Im satisfied

MarkA Jan-19-2016 06:46

I guarantee it doesn't line up well in editor either.

MarkA Jan-19-2016 06:48

Warren why can I not see your time? Did you use the account I can see?

NoBalls Jan-19-2016 06:53

Ya Warren, I cant see ur times either ;0

BRLawa Jan-19-2016 09:52

@NoBalls i'm a little more used to editor than my ipad so I test levels with that =P. Though my process of making levels requires well-thought and well-planned route(s). Usually I'll draft it first and finish it another day.

BRLawa Jan-19-2016 10:14

Also, 6 for the dullness in the routes and because it doesnt line up very well. Bounce too often at D3-D4. Hit lower O10 too often (the diagonal part). Bounced upper M12 as often as I did at D3-D4. The route itself is dull... Go up and around. Up and around... Up and around. The decor doesn't add anything in my eyes but lag.

warren king Jan-20-2016 01:50 think my links the same it's the same account just I did delete the app and using a different br but it's same phone and I can see u Mark 😁 but I never see Igor anymore but can see u Mark. Tfg.. what do u expect

Zetoq Jan-20-2016 03:25

The way I play in editor Mark, this lines up perfectly for me

TwinsRRUs Jan-20-2016 06:01

Hey warren, I found the level this morning that I couldn't find before and did a quick video. (Mark, 300x200 fits better on the phone, but it bugs me for whatever reason, so still larger vids)

NoBalls Jan-20-2016 06:33

well whatever I played u again just now, lets see if that will help

MarkA Jan-20-2016 07:45

300x200 is what fits the text box at least that's what I think Nick told me about it.

warren king Jan-20-2016 07:47

Awesome twins I remember that level 😃

TwinsRRUs Jan-20-2016 09:03

Yes, that is correct Mark.

aquarius7373 Jan-20-2016 09:47

I forgot about how anything over 300px wide messes up the way the comments looks on phones. I just made it so videos will automatically scale down for phones regardless of what you make the iframe.

Average Rating: 6.50

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