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Bike Race Level by EpJet25: kad91j
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created by : EpJet25 on 2016-02-18

hi :3 level with 2 hard shortcuts. easy 3 star time.

DropSquad Feb-18-2016 10:10

11.53 Ita.

BRLawa Feb-18-2016 11:47

Never touched D11 in the 20 or 30 runs i did... But I did eventually get into the lower part of C11 ONCE and it set me up to die on C8.

EpJet25 Feb-18-2016 12:58

hmm funny. i once shot past d11 into b11 :\

Kubik_H Feb-20-2016 12:28

Funny... :)

Average Rating: 7.50

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