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Bike Race Level by GreatGaming: kdelec
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created by : GreatGaming on 2019-03-02

This is what I like to call simple and decent idea.

Zetoq Mar-03-2019 04:42

9.18 agile, missed opportunity at a hard cut with the step at the beginning

brnooob Mar-03-2019 05:26

hard to master with hog bike. 13.47 hog bike. 11.27 acro hog. sub 11 is possible with acro hog, maybe with regular hog

Zetoq Mar-03-2019 08:38

10.7 hog. Not too hard. 10.0042 acrohog, that hurt. 7.14 cheetah, 6.02 tp, and 5.19 ultra. Amazing ultra/tp cut

JasonUlrich Mar-03-2019 10:45

Your lvls are always great . but would be nice to see something different. they are usually the same formula.Maybe throw a wheel glitch cut, hard steps, a required bounce, etc. Dont get me wrong i like loops and weight shifts but maybe switch it up a little.

Average Rating: 7.67

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.