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Bike Race Level by Imfurp: kmjjiz
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created by : Imfurp on 2019-01-04

This is the ucl I made for the 1st round of the EveryBuddy Tournament.

Zetoq Jan-04-2019 06:09

13.5 acro on my first finish, decent run but sub 13 is most definitely possible. This level hits a soft spot for me, being an absolute lover of stepping and bouncing (I even have a 6 level series called BounceStep). Some minor gameplay things I would like to have seen fixed though.

Imfurp Jan-04-2019 06:30

Idk if you're doing the sc or not but even sub 11.5 is possible with acro. The best time in the tournament with that bike was 11.56 by Charles G I believe

Zetoq Jan-05-2019 09:43

I'll give it another go later, didnt look for another route after I saw 3 stars at about 14 seconds

Zetoq Jan-05-2019 10:01

Ok. 12.1 now, frustrating the way it all lines up though...

FortnitePro Jan-05-2019 06:29

@zetoq i got 12.3 on that lvl with acro in the tourney, The Ultimate Combo made it to round 2 but then me and my friend got eliminated round 2 Big rip

Zetoq Jan-05-2019 06:40

I dunno how tourneys work, I dont do any of the Facebook stuff, I just got back into the game recently so I'm still shaky on my "skills"

Average Rating: 8.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.