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Bike Race Level by 夜: lqi305
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created by : on 2018-12-03

GreatGaming Dec-03-2018 02:07

17.92 editor. Rating would be a 6 because top route did ruin the bottom route that I wanted to do. Also some of the lines didn't line up well.

Zetoq Dec-03-2018 05:24

Great Gaming, did we play the same level? The only thing I found good about this level was the inverting, nothing lined up, the level didn't make sense, there was an unnecessary amount of semi circles scattered across the map, it wasn't very enjoyable. Was a poorly made map. I suggest watching the video "How to Make a Level" which covers quite a few topics you could use assistance with. P.S. Please put the bike on the line :/

GreatGaming Dec-04-2018 04:04

@Zetoq, Yeah! I rated a 6 to this level because of my way of playing the level overall, it would have been a 4.

Average Rating: 3.00

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.