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Bike Race Level by gretel: mfzguc
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created by : gretel on 2014-10-08

nice levels

AHeckman2 Oct-08-2014 09:25

Not a nice level, bike isn't on line, and doesn't look clean or good. You need more practice

aquarius7373 Oct-08-2014 11:07

13.37 editor. It's not a wonderful level, but I'm happy with my time. I've had to rewrite this comment 4 times, updating with new best times. I think I'm done though, that was fun

MarkA Oct-08-2014 01:35

14.41 acro. That is a damn good editor time. I dont know how you do it. And ues the level was not good.

AHeckman2 Oct-08-2014 01:42

geez good time, I ain't gonna try it with acro and there's no way I'm gonna beat aquarius' best time.

marki13 Oct-08-2014 02:06

13.35 editor, the bounce was good, but the rest wasn't.

MarkA Oct-08-2014 02:07

What the hell bounce got you guys that time?

MarkA Oct-08-2014 02:08

Wait I am going to try again.

MarkA Oct-08-2014 02:14

Ok 13.81 Acro now and I am done.

AHeckman2 Oct-08-2014 02:20

Lol. We finally we able to stump Mark :P

aquarius7373 Oct-08-2014 03:43

Damn marki, you really bumb me out. Next time I'm not gonna sink 40 minutes into a level until AFTER you've commented so I know what to beat.

AHeckman2 Oct-08-2014 03:53

Lol, thats how I feel on every level aquarius :)

MarkA Oct-08-2014 07:00

Oh I get stumped all the time. And unlike Nick I invested 2 minutes to start then 1 minute to feel satisfied.... like normal ;)

aquarius7373 Oct-08-2014 07:33

I play when Joanna's watching on TV I don't really care about. Today was Storage Warriors (or something that could easily be called that, idk). Keeps me busy, I guess. Can't wait for the weather to cool down, no outside life in FL

AHeckman2 Oct-09-2014 07:23

I wish our weather would be warmer at my place, Michigan is starting to cool down :(

TwinsRRUs Oct-09-2014 03:27

Thought more of you were from other countries... Cali, Fl, Mich. Nebraska here and weather in the 70's is nice here!

Average Rating: 3.75

MarkA has 93 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.