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Bike Race Level by GreatGaming: mvevql
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created by : GreatGaming on 2018-11-08

Starting off simple! Please play this level and tell me how it is.

pole Nov-09-2018 06:42

Nice track for a beginner like you. Try and beat it in 5.34 with normal bike.

GreatGaming Nov-09-2018 01:11

Did you even play the whole level @pole??

LinusJ Nov-09-2018 03:41

Very fun and pretty challenging with breakable bikes :D

MarkA Nov-09-2018 07:19

8.67 Acro. It was ok. Yeah 5.34 with normal way

BikeRaceWar Nov-10-2018 05:32

This level is kinda plain, try to make longer levels like 10-15 seconds woth multiple routes.

GreatGaming Nov-10-2018 07:20

@MarkA and @BikeRaceWar Kk <3

pole Nov-12-2018 10:14

I actually did, and I am very good at bike race so... I know what I'm doing. :) and @pole is not real. I don't have facebook.

BikeRaceWar Nov-12-2018 12:15

It's not possible, I'm good at bike race too but I don't think you can get below 8 seconds with normal bike, maybe ultra

pole Nov-12-2018 03:51

Are we all talking about the map shown up above. or is this a map that has a different map shown. If so than I have a glitch.

MarkA Nov-12-2018 06:26

We are talking about the level that comes up when you hit play. There is no way on Earth you did a 5.34 with normal bike. I am not good at bike race anymore but I am sure I know what I am talking about.

pole Nov-13-2018 06:35

Well, I did hit play... I got the H.C. map for some reason. I'll try on another device.

pole Nov-14-2018 07:33

nice and yes, try and beat it in 8.65 with normal.

Average Rating: 6.33

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.