Custom Bike Race Level : n64z1c

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Bike Race Level by brnooob: n64z1c
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created by : brnooob on 2019-12-26

found this just browsing, took an interesting shortcut

brnooob Dec-26-2019 07:30

I got 9.45 ghost, but that could be improved

JasonUlrich Dec-28-2019 02:07

9.78 acro first try. Not much to this lvl. 95% of it is not even used.

GreaterTheGame Dec-28-2019 05:39

9.04 agile soul, rip the level

brnooob Dec-29-2019 05:05

I found the level just browsing, but I wanted to share the cool shortcut I found. I also thought the level was kinda cool, so I left it.

FortnitePro Dec-31-2019 09:09

8.997 ghost

Average Rating: 4.00

MarkA has 53 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.