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Bike Race Level by DoubleSSRaceZ: ne2ihm
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created by : DoubleSSRaceZ on 2016-04-18

This is my own real level i made all of i give 100% credit to me DoubleSSRaceZ. Multiple routes, shortcuts, and times tell me your best tell if u lik

FireWalls Apr-18-2016 01:59

24.58 editor it is your level. Can you try to improve on inverting the lines and make sure the lines is lined up?

DoubleSSRaceZ Apr-18-2016 02:06

Yes I can very much do that. Tommorow I will clean it up a bit and get rid of some scraps and work on getting the lines lined up. and btw that's not a very good time for whats possible

EpJet25 Apr-18-2016 02:19

When you're still quite new to creating custom levels, I suggest you get rid of the idea of inverting lines; that's for more advanced creators. For now, I agree to tidy up your levels, and also create some simpler levels (i.e. 1 path only, with simple concepts).

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