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Bike Race Level by brnooob: p4vqkj
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created by : brnooob on 2019-04-30

good ghost bike shortcut

Zetoq May-04-2019 07:00

13.69 acro

MaxIsHere1227 May-12-2019 12:17

11.53 phantom and I called it quits at 14 acro

FortnitePro May-13-2019 06:42

@MaxIsHere1227, i have 11.793 ghost

FortnitePro May-13-2019 06:43

Make that 11.471 ghost

brnooob May-17-2019 09:42

10.99 ghost

DoubleSSRaceZ Aug-05-2019 08:31

7:43 ultra editor

TwinsRRUs Aug-05-2019 06:00

10.95 Agile Editor

TwinsRRUs Aug-05-2019 06:00

TwinsRRUs Aug-09-2019 05:25

Bazinga!, you didn't like the fastest route? Best level I've played on here in a long time and I was addicted to it for awhile trying to get under 11 seconds.

FortnitePro Aug-16-2019 11:18

10.93 ghost

Average Rating: 6.00

MarkA has 42 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.