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Bike Race Level by FortnitePro: p6gjr5
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created by : FortnitePro on 2019-01-23

This is my first level so please dont hate

Zetoq Jan-23-2019 05:43

9.98 acro. Honestly not bad for your first. I haven't really critiqued an experienced player who hadn't created before so this is interesting, and I'm glad you're giving it a shot! First off, I find this to be a hard style to work with, the complete left to right high velocity tracks can be quite inconsistent if not done well, but if mastered, everyone loves them. I think this is a good start, even having 2 paths to go along depending on how you exit the ramp, which I like seeing.

Zetoq Jan-23-2019 05:46

Secondly, inverting, if you draw your lines from right to left, they will be inverted as to be driven underneath (if you don't understand what that means let me know). But you should try to make sure that the bike always drives on the thin, blue-ish part of the track so that it doesn't look like the wheels are dipping into the red. Having the boards "upside-down" can also involve quite a few bugs with circles and transitions. p.s. to invert a line, select it and press i

Zetoq Jan-23-2019 05:48

Third, I think it flows decently, could of course be better, but it's a great start in my opinion, the track could look a bit cleaner, such as the useless 3/4s of a circle behind the start. And I suggest that if you use text, try to use the duplicate button on the top to make consistent sized letters. Also, I'm not sure if you did it or not, but you can hold shift when drawing a flat line to make it straight/45°

Zetoq Jan-23-2019 05:54

Also, take 6 as a compliment, 5 is average.

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 05:06

@Zetoq alright, judah said same thing that its decent level for first time.

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 05:09

I made it because nick Francken and i are doing a ucl challenge, im a start making a few more to get better

Zetoq Jan-24-2019 06:32

Well good luck!

TomC Jan-24-2019 08:50

I actually like it

FortnitePro Jan-24-2019 09:11

Thx @TomC

Average Rating: 6.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.