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Bike Race Level by NobodySpecial: pizhhb
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created by : NobodySpecial on 2019-01-22

flowed decently in my opinion

FortnitePro Jan-22-2019 05:31

6.957 acro, smooth flow i rate it 9

FortnitePro Jan-22-2019 05:37

If u wanna see how i did it here my link

Imfurp Jan-22-2019 09:03

The level is pretty decent, but the ending could've been way smoother. At the part where the player has to do a bounce, his/her movements have to be very limited, otherwise the bounce won't be good, resulting in the player to fail the level

FortnitePro Jan-22-2019 11:15

@imfurp i agree judah but i just went back and back flicked on the part where u gotta bounce to the other platform

NobodySpecial Jan-22-2019 03:10

i cant see other peoples ghosts due to br breaking them for ucls in the last update

Zetoq Jan-22-2019 03:47

6.64 acro, was ok, kind of sloppy in some areas, didnt like the loop going the normal way.

Average Rating: 7.00

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