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Bike Race Level by DropSquad: puj8o4
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created by : DropSquad on 2017-08-05

Simple level, trying to improve level making skills

BikeRaceWar Aug-05-2017 06:44

Nice simeple level with a decent sc. Nice level!

BikeRaceWar Aug-05-2017 06:45

Do you have a yt channel btw? I think I saw it on yt before.

DropSquad Aug-05-2017 08:24

Yeah, but I stopped being active.

BikeRaceWar Aug-06-2017 06:12


MarkA Aug-06-2017 08:05

9.91 Acro and it can be much faster. The SC is a little too inconsistent to want to keep trying to improve.

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.