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Bike Race Level by CoolYTBplay: qbhcnd
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created by : CoolYTBplay on 2021-10-30

Simply Roads that go to random directions. Could you beat my record with ultra? (3.62).

pole Nov-01-2021 06:45

Nice, I would round the corners a little bit more, Ultra I got a 3.9, honestly questioning if 3.62 is possible lol.

CoolYTBplay Nov-01-2021 07:24

3.62 I got with a PC, did you got 3.9 on mobile?

Dance12 Nov-01-2021 08:12

3.51 pc ultra ;)

pole Nov-02-2021 05:18

CoolYTBplay, I use PC as well, I think I'm just a bit rusty.

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