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Bike Race Level by AndZapTheRacers: r2vc3d
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created by : AndZapTheRacers on 2019-09-22

i dare you to beat my score with classic

FortnitePro Sep-22-2019 12:08


FortnitePro Sep-22-2019 12:27

cuz i got 8.10 normal

MaxIsHere1227 Sep-23-2019 02:46

I had 8.11, improvable for sure, sub 8 possible

MaxIsHere1227 Sep-23-2019 02:51

Ok 7.81

FortnitePro Sep-25-2019 02:05

7.705 normal max gl

FortnitePro Sep-26-2019 06:22

7.59 normal now max

MaxIsHere1227 Sep-27-2019 04:36


MaxIsHere1227 Sep-27-2019 04:44

7.60, close enough lol

MaxIsHere1227 Sep-27-2019 04:49

Fortnite, ghost? New trick, 6.71

FortnitePro Sep-27-2019 06:55

aight im down

FortnitePro Sep-27-2019 06:57

3.415 ghost, there a sc ya know with it?

AndZapTheRacers Sep-28-2019 01:01

there is a shortcut, wanna know it?

FortnitePro Sep-28-2019 07:45

zap, i got sub 7.6 normal and sub 3.4 with ghost

AndZapTheRacers Sep-29-2019 09:01

@fortnitepro impressive

FortnitePro Sep-29-2019 02:40

and i think sub 6.4 acro

MaxIsHere1227 Oct-03-2019 04:49

How did u do the ghost and acro sc I got 7.3 w acro but how is 6.4 possible lol?

FortnitePro Oct-04-2019 08:39

i got 6.79 acro, u got anything i can contact u on and show u the routes i took max?

MaxIsHere1227 Oct-06-2019 11:36

I’ll text u my # in br if that’s cool

FortnitePro Oct-06-2019 01:13

u got discord?

swax97 Oct-09-2019 05:29

7.27 normal

FortnitePro Oct-10-2019 05:47


FortnitePro Oct-10-2019 05:50

hey swax, 7.046 normal, sub 7 is defo possible

FortnitePro Oct-10-2019 05:55

6.896 normal swax

AndZapTheRacers Oct-20-2019 10:52

If you didn't know, I am goodmandrew12gm, but I just switched my name to my GD account, but now we deleted GD. I hope you are not confused about that.

Iraaz Nov-05-2019 11:00

3.13 with AS

Dance12 Mar-03-2020 10:16

8.67 editor

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 53 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.