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Bike Race Level by TwinsRRUs: r7166w
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created by : TwinsRRUs on 2019-06-24

All my bikes are gone yet again...

Jonnie Jun-25-2019 12:19

Awesome lv, like it alot.

Zetoq Jun-25-2019 01:21

A bit too compact in some areas. Doesn't flow at all. And is there a reason for the 3/4th circle to be inverted the way it is?

FortnitePro Jun-25-2019 03:22

oof twin, how are ue bikes gone?

TwinsRRUs Jun-25-2019 08:35

@Zetoq... wooow, I didn't even notice the inverted circle! Been too long for me apparently!! I agree on the too compact in one or two spots, especially the first jump that jumps you backwards as I wanted it to be a shortcut to not jump back, but it was too small.

TwinsRRUs Jun-25-2019 08:36

@FortnitePro Probably since an update or 10 since I last played on my phone. Every time it woul dupdate, I would have to re-race every level as it would not save my level progress where I had 3 stars on every level. At least my only paid bike is still there...

FortnitePro Jun-29-2019 06:13

O damn, thats tough @TwinsRRUs, when i get new phone, only my tournament bikes, some of my normal bikes, and the 3 payed bikes stay on my acc, i gotta re race every level tho.

Zetoq Jun-30-2019 06:14

Twins, you think you will stick around and make a few more levels?

TwinsRRUs Jun-30-2019 08:23

Not sure... it really depends on how busy I am at work (farmer) as I work 7 days a week now and back when I used to be on here every day, I worked half as many hours as I do now. Having 4 kids takes most of my spare time nowadays too, so much less time on the computer than before, but I will make more attempts to make levels now than I have over the last couple of years!

Rolltreppe Aug-28-2019 12:55

great lvl twins

TwinsRRUs Sep-04-2019 09:18

Thanks! Probably going to be awhile again, but I will try. What kind of time ya getting Igor?

Rolltreppe Sep-05-2019 12:22

I got 12.2 and Ahmad made sub 12

TwinsRRUs Sep-05-2019 07:05

Holy crap. Awesome times.

Average Rating: 7.50

MarkA has 72 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.