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Bike Race Level by brighton: r83lku
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created by : brighton on 2015-04-04

hope yall like it i didnt do my best and didnt really take my time have fun!

Mark42 Apr-04-2015 05:12

too hard at the start and too long,see the video at the top to help you make better levels

MarkA Apr-04-2015 05:53

You didn't do your best and you didn't take your time??? Why wouldn't you make the best level possible? Don't you have a sense of pride? Even if it comes out like crap at least try and if you are to lazy to try keep it to yourself. Let us judge the quality. Definitely check out the how to video at the top of the page.

MarkA Apr-04-2015 10:05

Wow that was terrible. 34.97 Acro first and last finish.

Finbikeracer Apr-05-2015 01:35

second acro finish 32:09

Average Rating: 3.00

MarkA has 92 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.