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Bike Race Level by DAKING: rpmizr
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created by : DAKING on 2018-07-02


MarkA Jul-02-2018 06:58

This level is dead that's for sure. Lame!!!

zbik Jul-03-2018 09:44

Why do you think it`s dead?

LinusJ Jul-03-2018 03:09

I like the Acro cut

GameMartinCZ Jul-04-2018 10:10

I think that the biggest problem is with the new editor, which still shows wrong images and has (for me) long loading time.

zbik Jul-04-2018 11:45

same for me GameMartinCZ

Average Rating: 1.00

MarkA has 96 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.