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Bike Race Level by Racerking: ruglwo
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created by : Racerking on 2017-12-30

Level 1 from Christmas 2. Ckeck out my vid under Tumbnail is bugged btw.

Racerking Dec-30-2017 04:57

**Level 2

freestyler Dec-30-2017 07:27

Is there a christmas 2 pack?

FireWalls Dec-30-2017 08:34

No there is not. Just because it is in GodofBikeRace's video doesn't mean there is actually christmas 2. But I might be wrong. All I know is the fact that the background is just a mod.

Dance12 Jan-07-2018 01:42

10.21, well made

Racerking Jan-11-2018 10:02

nope there isnt a christmas 2 pack. like FireWalls said its a mod. And thx Dance12

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