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Bike Race Level by NobodySpecial: s2wsgl
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created by : NobodySpecial on 2018-12-22

haha what am i doing

MarkA Dec-22-2018 03:24

9.92 Acro. Interesting level. I liked it. The first shoot should have been inverted correctly but oh well.

GreatGaming Dec-22-2018 05:12

top route: 13.62 normal and bottom route: 10.18. The top route is eh because of the loop and I loved the bottom route.

NobodySpecial Dec-22-2018 05:52

oh shoot hadnt known it had been incorrectly inverted, ill create a quick edit inverting it correctly

MarkA Dec-22-2018 07:41

You're doing the top route incorrectly GG

MarkA Dec-22-2018 07:45

You can take off like 2 seconds.

MarkA Dec-23-2018 10:23

7.59 Agile.

Zetoq Dec-23-2018 10:48

Dammit Mark, 7.6 agile

NobodySpecial Dec-23-2018 12:38

7.31 agile c:

MarkA Dec-23-2018 02:43

7.34 Agile now.

MarkA Dec-23-2018 02:44

MarkA Dec-23-2018 02:44

Send me a race so I can see your ghost runs.

NobodySpecial Dec-23-2018 02:52

im the eiks_0 guy

NobodySpecial Dec-23-2018 02:53

also did the run on 1odf8d instead of this one

NobodySpecial Dec-23-2018 02:59

that new update affecting the ui of some parts of br sorta broke the ghosts for me, i cant see any in ucls

MarkA Dec-23-2018 03:23

Well that sucks. I can see you run so I guess that You entered the first part better with a nice flip into it. Your end could been faster but nice run.

NobodySpecial Dec-23-2018 03:25

yup, i also think my best run ever has gotta be arctic 1, with santa though lol

Zetoq Dec-23-2018 09:09

Mark, if you get your whole bike on the line on the ramp instead of one wheel and back flick I'm finding that it cuts and additional .3-ish, haven't gotten a good run with it yet. I sent you a race so you can see my time.

Zetoq Dec-23-2018 09:10

That backflip has to be frame perfect though...

MarkA Dec-23-2018 09:21

That was sick on Arctic 1 for sure. Zetoq I thought we used to race?

Zetoq Dec-23-2018 09:25

I'm not sure, I know I had a long-term race with Martin_L and Justin R, i lost all of my ghosts and multis a while ago because I didnt have a facebook fail safe. I lost all of my tourney bikes so I'm using a mildly modded apk to use agile again so that's what the "Santa" is.

Zetoq Dec-23-2018 09:25

What happened on Artic 1?

MarkA Dec-24-2018 07:00

He made that 👻 SC and finished the level in 4xx seconds.

Average Rating: 7.33

MarkA has 97 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.