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Bike Race Level by AcroBike: se8mtp
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created by : AcroBike on 2016-08-22

My best level!

AcroBike Aug-22-2016 10:38

A 7?? But... Why?

BikeRaceWar Aug-22-2016 10:45

cuz lots of things doesnt line up and it doesnt flow too well

EpJet25 Aug-22-2016 12:41

It's too cramped, and often the tunnels are too narrow. It's not that fun, and there are levels with this concept made before.

I'm not saying it's a bad level it's all right, but definitely not your best.

AcroBike Aug-22-2016 01:27

Can anyone make a mod, with the sc?

Dance12 Aug-22-2016 01:58

Was good, but I think you can do better :-)

EricA Sep-18-2016 10:29

11.8 editor

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.