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Bike Race Level by TwinsRRUs: sf6fwd
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created by : TwinsRRUs on 2014-10-06

SCs are Always Faster

TwinsRRUs Oct-06-2014 08:28

Anyone THINK they have a good time? :)

aquarius7373 Oct-06-2014 08:29

9.78 editor. It could definitely be cleaned up

TwinsRRUs Oct-06-2014 08:42

Nice editor time. Anything specific on the cleaning up? The bent ends of the loops?

TwinsRRUs Oct-06-2014 09:00

9.76 Editor. 9.20 Acro. 5.03 Ultra.

marki13 Oct-07-2014 03:26

9.59 editor

aquarius7373 Oct-07-2014 06:12

I'm sure there are reasons for everything you did, but with a repetitious design like this, I prefer duplicated designs. Also, where there are gaps from an arc to a line, they should probably be tangential and in contact. That one floating line looks weird, throws off the aesthetic flow. On another note, riding a wheelie and flicking just right at the beginning was a bitch for me lol

aquarius7373 Oct-07-2014 06:55

Something like this I guess. I didn't finish it though, someone else can if they want.

TwinsRRUs Oct-07-2014 09:17

Yours is more aesthetically appealing to the eye for sure and it gets rid of the obvious look of a line inserted only to serve as a sc. I don't like driving on upside down lines when possible, but it does tie each loop together better than way with the middle loop upside down. Yours looks like one that would be an actual level in the game too :) As far as riding a wheelie and flicking just right at the beginning, I didn't have to as I just tilted forward towards the end of the loop and rotated a full flip t

TwinsRRUs Oct-07-2014 09:18

*to land on the sc line, which I adjusted several times to get the height perfect for a full flip to be able to catch the back wheel. Thanks for the input and the adjusted track!

MarkA Oct-07-2014 12:05

9.56 acro.

Average Rating: 6.75

MarkA has 88 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.