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Bike Race Level by littlefella15: sme1b9
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created by : littlefella15 on 2018-05-17


littlefella15 May-17-2018 06:25

This is not that actual level as it shows on the picture. But i've been gone for a while. Some of you may remember me. I have taken time off to do more productive things. But seeing you guys (except FireWalls) make crap levels, I thought I'd make at least a decent level

timootje4nov May-17-2018 11:14

I wonder where your arrogance comes from. Everyone needs to gain experience to become better and every good level creator has made 'crap levels', like you call it, we're all learners. You even made 181 crap levels and you're still not a good level creator, sorry for ruining your dreams, but I don't like your arrogance...

FireWalls May-19-2018 04:12

I agree. Even thou you like my levels, don't try to say negative things about other people's. I understand that you are tempted but please try to not be tempted to say mean things. And plus, not everybody is better than the other. Tbh, I am not better than Aqua. So we are all equal.

MarkA Jun-02-2018 09:16

No way everyone is

Dance12 Jun-18-2018 10:48

lol who cares it's bike race

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