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Bike Race Level by Mark42: sw6kjy
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created by : Mark42 on 2015-06-28

18.55 editor

Mark42 Jun-28-2015 01:06

pwm3on,try this one,it is a little better,even when its like the same.

BRLawa Jun-28-2015 01:06

16.88 editor. The circles were all very sloppily made and don't line up with the diagonal lines that follow.

BRLawa Jun-28-2015 01:19

Here's what it should have been side by side what you made. Code: czvsi5

Mark42 Jun-28-2015 01:44

the level would have been different if i done what u did.

BRLawa Jun-28-2015 02:03

the problem isn't the flat line, it's both circles lining up with the diagonal board.

Mark42 Jun-28-2015 02:06


Mark42 Jun-28-2015 02:20

6lbpz7,is this a little better?

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