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Bike Race Level by justinrando: t33ana
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created by : justinrando on 2013-08-31

Slight change. This should keep you busy. Fourth custom level

justinrando Aug-31-2013 02:45

6.0 acro

GhostPower Aug-31-2013 04:59

I can't play it's glitches and freezes my game but looks really cool

justinrando Aug-31-2013 06:05

try this code instead: 2rhc5x. updated one thing so this one is even better

justinrando Aug-31-2013 06:30

5.8 on the new one

MarkA Aug-31-2013 10:12

5.98 acro. it was ok

justinrando Sep-01-2013 09:12

o507s6 I made the top route a bit more competitive. Still 5.8 acro going two different ways. Which route did you use Mark?

justinrando Sep-01-2013 09:23

just got 4.8 going

MarkA Sep-01-2013 06:43

Wow 4.8 is good.... I went the same way except the end. I went down under the last ball. Maybe ill give it another try...

Average Rating: 7.66

MarkA has 99 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.