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Bike Race Level by Josh A: tsz07g
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created by : Josh A on 2013-12-12

Short and fun ;)

OscarJ Dec-12-2013 04:42

4.98 :p

Helloween Dec-12-2013 05:32

4.30 ghost

MarkA Dec-12-2013 06:32

I was so confused for a minute. I saw josh and assumed it was just who knows how to make a good level. Don't get this Josh confused with the real josh.

OscarJ Dec-12-2013 08:01

Oh that explains the bad level :p

justinrando Dec-12-2013 08:58

woah that threw me off haha

josh Dec-12-2013 09:51

Lol I just saw the name and was like did I post a level when I was drunk and forget. then I saw it wasn't me

MarkA Dec-12-2013 10:46


Josh A Dec-12-2013 11:43

This is my first lvl, i will do better next time;)

MarkA Dec-12-2013 11:46

Hey don't worry josh it was alright for a first level. We just saw josh and though it was someone else.

justinrando Dec-12-2013 08:37

race me acro

Average Rating: 4.28

MarkA has 90 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.