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Bike Race Level by brnooob: ueisdj
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created by : brnooob on 2019-02-23

look in the comments for improvements to the level.

GreatGaming Feb-23-2019 06:53

Easy 9.80 Normal. I got 9.15 ghost. @Zetoq is it possible to sub 9 ghost and 9.5 normal?

Zetoq Feb-24-2019 07:15

9.3 normal and 8.98 ghost. Sub 8.9 is possible with a perfect run

Zetoq Feb-24-2019 07:15

Wish there was more to this level

brnooob Feb-24-2019 11:22

if you want to use a bike with the hog ability, then use the code dzx13x

Zetoq Feb-24-2019 12:01

8.99 ahog on dzx13x

FortnitePro Feb-24-2019 12:03

8.983 acro, lol @zetoq @GreatGaming @MarkA

Zetoq Feb-24-2019 12:41

8.73 acro

FortnitePro Feb-24-2019 12:53


brnooob Feb-24-2019 03:59

I suppose you should try for under 9.00 seconds now.

brnooob Feb-24-2019 04:31

if I were to improve it, should I add a shortcut, or add more to the end?

Zetoq Feb-24-2019 05:38


FortnitePro Feb-25-2019 04:03

5.976 ultra

GreatGaming Feb-25-2019 01:39

For 2nd level 9.27 normal so both levels can be improved

GreatGaming Feb-25-2019 01:39

Kk @fortnite pro which level???

FortnitePro Feb-25-2019 03:17

@GreatGaming the level he posted here

brnooob Feb-26-2019 06:41

extended level: gjg66s

brnooob Feb-26-2019 07:08

hog version: 78mqpf

Average Rating: 5.75

MarkA has 100 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.