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Bike Race Level by TwinsRRUs: v94fft
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created by : TwinsRRUs on 2014-02-12

MarkA Feb-12-2014 06:59

Whats your time?

TwinsRRUs Feb-12-2014 07:01

9.05 Acro so far. Every time I am on pace to get under 9 I don't hit the last jump right.

MarkA Feb-12-2014 07:04

Oh then your going the wrong way :)

MarkA Feb-12-2014 07:15

7.11 Acro. I was at 3.5 rating but it grew on me and ill do a 4. It didn't look very good but it played ok.

MarkA Feb-12-2014 07:29

You on FB? much easier to send a pic

TwinsRRUs Feb-12-2014 07:37

Which way did you go? Never fails, the maker of a track doesn't know the fastest way... I tried going backwards at first but never can get the speed to make the lower jump with a better time.

TwinsRRUs Feb-12-2014 07:38

Nope, no facebook... any other method of displaying a pic?

MarkA Feb-12-2014 07:40

Yes it will just take me a little bit. After I get the kids taken care of. Have to give my son a damn shot. :(

MarkA Feb-12-2014 08:04

TwinsRRUs Feb-12-2014 08:25

Well, I finally can make the first jump after the fall, but not with enough control to make the second jump. Never thought that route would be possible when I built the track!

MarkA Feb-12-2014 08:29

Yeah it took me a little to get it right. Try and land flat and not in a wheelie. Landing on my front wheel first was how I could do it.

TwinsRRUs Feb-12-2014 08:41

That will take a few hundred more tries then because I can barely get up high enough. Will have to try in the morning or in the next few days. One of these days I will get better...

Bazinga! Feb-13-2014 02:15

Ya it grew on me a little as well so I too will give it a 4, cant say I had a lot of fun playing it tho Lol, 6.60

krioss Feb-13-2014 08:57

It didnt grea on me a 2 , times 6.8 acro

nairad Feb-13-2014 12:07

3.69 ultra! Ultra bike users, try to beat that!! xp

MarkA Feb-13-2014 12:25

Really? Did you have a glitch? I am 4.60. you dropped backwards right? Unless you went forward an somehow grabbed your back wheel on a line and then up but I cant get close that way.

MarkA Feb-13-2014 12:35

It is forward. I made it once but didn't beat my time because I was not prepared to make it when I landed.. lol

MarkA Feb-13-2014 12:43

4.20 is what I can do :(

nairad Feb-13-2014 01:02

Yeah mark, I went forward and bounced to the upper line and landed with luck on the highest line and then I got to the finish

nairad Feb-13-2014 01:03

Maybe bad enlish

MarkA Feb-13-2014 01:11

No I got it. I made it on that line a couple times but never a good enough run to make it. I had to go with the middle line.

kkk10 Mar-08-2014 06:32

9.68 Editor

Average Rating: 7.70

MarkA has 64 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.