Custom Bike Race Level : vapt31

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Bike Race Level by LinusJ: vapt31
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created by : LinusJ on 2019-01-25

Getting better and better

Zetoq Jan-25-2019 03:58

Pretty good level, not a huge fan of the regular route's loop lining, the bounce is pretty hard to pull of with acro, I find myself overshooting it quite easily. 9.58 ghost with a fun cut and 9.8 acro with a sneaky cut. You're definitely getting better.

FortnitePro Jan-25-2019 05:05

Was up linus

Imfurp Jan-26-2019 12:59

I like the cut. It requires quite some skill to complete it, but I think the sc is a bit obvious and imo the rest of the level doesn't flow really well. You're absolutely getting better though.

Average Rating: 7.67

MarkA has 12 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.