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Bike Race Level by LinusJ: vcw9dr
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created by : LinusJ on 2019-04-05

Awesome wheelglitch shortcut and hard 3* time

FortnitePro Apr-05-2019 07:58

How did u get 3 star in editor dude???

LinusJ Apr-05-2019 09:58

Just realized there's a shit route possible :(

FortnitePro Apr-05-2019 11:03

How did u get 3* tho?

LinusJ Apr-05-2019 02:10

5.79 is editor time in validation run, so a sub 5.9 should do

Zetoq Apr-05-2019 02:24

5.831 acro on my first finish is 3☆ - At 5.48 acro now

GreatGaming Apr-06-2019 05:22

I don't know how this level is a 9 as a rating.

Zetoq Apr-06-2019 06:23

Hard 3☆ time, multiple creative cuts, smooth except for the circle going down, and I really like this level. That's how

LinusJ Apr-06-2019 11:17

I don't like it myself to be fair

Zetoq Apr-06-2019 11:21

5.42 acro now, would have had sub .4 but I messed up the end.

MarkA Apr-09-2019 07:01

I agree there is no way this is a 9. It's a step and an easy jump.

Average Rating: 7.00

MarkA has 12 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 17. FYI.