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Bike Race Level by acf9: wgeg1z
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created by : acf9 on 2013-08-31

My first level. Hopefully I will be better soon. Find the shortcut for 3 stars!

acf9 Aug-31-2013 04:44

7.6 hog, 7.6 normal, 7.4 acro, 7.6 ghost.

MarkA Aug-31-2013 10:49

Not bad for a first. Keep making them and they should get better. 7.35 acro

swax97 Sep-01-2013 04:24


Perlenbach Sep-01-2013 05:17

6.68 Acro. You missed a shortcut guys.

acf9 Sep-01-2013 06:13

What shortcut did I miss in my own level? Lol

NoBalls Sep-01-2013 04:02

Lol do u really think that u are good enough to figure it all out just becuz u built it...6.66 with acro, Im surprised somebody else made a 6.68

MarkA Sep-02-2013 06:46

So what is this other shortcut?

Perlenbach Sep-02-2013 07:49

Here Mark:

MarkA Sep-02-2013 07:57

That's how I think we all went...6.68 is a great time.

vypman Sep-11-2013 02:49

6.7 ghost :-)

Average Rating: 6.88

MarkA has 99 AP Points. aquarius7373 has 18. FYI.