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Bike Race Level by OllieH11: wh5y1g
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created by : OllieH11 on 2018-04-02

the picture is not what it really is. i mean i won't build that piece of shit XD

NobodySpecial Apr-02-2018 03:37

6.84 agile soul im not about how good other people did tho ( saw that ghost sc almost instantly :> )

NobodySpecial Apr-02-2018 03:41

nvm make that 6.54 :p

NobodySpecial Apr-02-2018 04:25

6.65 ghost, 9.33 normal, and 9.24 acro btw

OllieH11 Apr-03-2018 03:25

4.22 ultra XD

NobodySpecial Apr-03-2018 03:53

nice normal bike sc (im pretty sure you didn't intend to do that tho)

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